Where to Place Lightboxes with regard to Point of Sale Advertising

Point of sale advertising brings immediate results. Targeted at the consumer while they are already out and about shopping and in the best mind-set for making a purchase, it is a competitive arena. Shops and supermarkets may become overcrowded with point of sale advertising materials rendering it hard to stand out from everyone else. One very effective point of sale display method is the light box.

Illuminated posters and displays catch the eye far more quickly than unlit posters. Because they are neatly framed and generally wall-mounted they are less likely to obtain crowded out and also cluttered up through competing posters. Plus the poster itself is given additional impact by the lighting.

So where should you put your lightboxes for greatest point of sale impact?
This varies according to the nature from the business. For shops where window exhibits are a focus to attract customers that are searching, such as for garments, furniture, electrical items and so on, the most desired positions of POS advertising including lighting boxes are as follows:

A single. The shop window
Utilizing a light box as part of any window display is useful, filling the straight space behind other display and becoming visible 24/7 to passers-by.

A couple of. The counter top
Counter-top gentle boxes can be very valuable when you want to bring care about particular products in store. Rotating displays frequently allow for three pictures to be on display as well as the movement as the light box rotates attracts a persons vision to the display.

Several. The wall or fixture behind or even next to the counter.
While customers are waiting to get served they are consuming their surroundings, their marbles on their next obtain. They will have time to look at lightbox displays placed tactically at eye amount behind or near the counter, which have a good venture of putting a manufacturer or product to the top of the list if they are deciding on what to obtain.

4. Beside the until eventually
If the till is placed separately to the helping counter, this opens up another useful position for your advertising present. Again customers may need to wait in line here and also have time to look at cards and advertising displays. They still have time to add another item to their shopping gift basket if the advertising is actually persuasive enough.

By positioning storefront signage exhibits wisely, retailers can also add to the effectiveness of the point of sale advertising substantially.

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